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Appointment-Based Trading

10 Minute Trades is based on a completely DIFFERENT method of investing in the markets called "Appointment-Based Trading". It's a simple, time-based approach that lets you schedule your trades on specific days at specific times - up to a month in advance. There are hundreds of Appointment-Based Trades to choose from, starting around the clock from 2:30 AM to 11:00 PM, and sometimes even on weekends.

Trades That Fit YOUR Schedule

since each trade takes literally 10 minutes (or less) on average, you can fit them into aNY schedule. Most traders spend at least 5 to 6 hours a day locked in a room with their computer, staring at charts, while waiting for complicated setups that may or may not appear. With 10 Minute Trades, you'll get back up to 5 hours a day - that's an extra 25 hours a week -- to spend with family, friends, and to focus on the things that truly matter to you.

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Click below and get immediate access to a free training report on video that will show you exactly WHERE to find our favorite 10 Minute Trades so you can start testing them for yourself in simulation.   Discover:
  Multiple Trade Examples
  The 3 Best Places for Finding 10 Minute Trades
  The 3 Best Places for Finding 10 Minute Trades
  The Simple Setup That Works In Both Bull And Bear Markets
A Simpler Approach To The Markets

There are no complicated setups, you don't need 100 indicators (just 1 or 2 will do), and there's absolutely NO deep technical analysis required. 

We Build Safeguards Into Every Trade

All trading has risk. We build safeguards into every trade and teach responsible money management to help you reduce your risk.

Get In, Get Out, Get On With Your Life

We believe that trading should give you the freedom to live life on your own terms. With the Appointment-Based Trading method, you are no longer a slave to the markets. Set your schedule up to a month in advance, be in and out of each trade in just minutes, and stop wasting your life away staring at charts all day.

 Learn How To Trade In Just
10 Minutes A Day 
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